Data Dynamics Storage X 8.2 Adds File Analytics

Data Dynamics announced today that it’s updated Storage X to provide a single-view analysis portal and support for Amazon S3 API-compliant object storage. The Teaneck, NJ-based software vendor also added a new file analytics capability and expanded application programming interfaces for DevOps environments to its Unified Unstructured Data Management platform.

StorageX helps IT automate and manage migrations of file storage from one system to another. It can move files from CIFS, NFS or SAN file systems to cloud storage or onto a different file server. The software enables users to set policies that automatically move data across systems without the need for a gateway, file virtualization, global namespace, stubbing or agents. The migration tools use a process that runs on the StorageX universal data engines to perform the migrations and analysis.

The analysis capabilities, based on the UDE, collect information about a file including its size, ownership, access and modification history. The product identifies the target destination storage for the file, which can be another SAN or the cloud, and then applies a policy to transfer it to that storage. It also identifies the source file and its location in the storage system. It can also automatically replace security identification numbers (SIDs) in a CIFS security descriptor, clean orphaned SIDs and translate SIDs between domains.

Other features include a calendar view of scheduled activities, which can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly. It allows users to filter and group scheduled actions to identify conflicts or other issues. It can also be used to plan cutover windows for a single or multiple resources. StorageX can analyze policies based on previous incremental runs and determine whether they will finish within the planned cutover window. It can also support clustered NetApp and EMC Isilon storage resources by determining the best node for reading or writing to the cluster.

The unified management capabilities are available in the latest release of StorageX, which starts at $500 per TB. The product also supports a variety of other NAS and cloud storage technologies. It has a 64 bit architecture and is designed to scale to petabyte-plus environments, according to the company. Its upcoming version, StorageX 8.2, will add file content analytics with remediation actions to address the privacy risk marketplace. It will be available in June. The new Insight AnalytiX 1.1 will provide file content analytics plus privacy risk classification templates to help organizations comply with regulations such as HIPPA, GDPR and CCPA.