Roller Shutter Doors Price List

Roller shutter doors are a solid barrier of protection for your home or business, providing superior security in a sleek & elegant design. These are the perfect solution for commercial businesses, schools & private homes to safeguard against theft & vandalism, burglary, and harsh weather conditions. We have a wide range of sizes, colours & materials that will complement your existing décor and add value to your property.

A Roller Shutter Door is unlike a roller industrial roller shutter doors price list garage door, instead of a single pressed steel curtain that rolls up and down, it has a series of interlocking slats in a ‘C’ type shape made from 0.7 to 1.1mm galv. This makes them stronger & more durable than traditional garage doors & is a deterrent against break-ins. They are also easy to repair, allowing for individual slats to be replaced as they become damaged rather than having to replace the entire curtain. These doors are available in both perforated & solid options with custom shaped nylon end plates that wrap around each slat to prevent metal-on-metal contact, ensuring the door is both strong and safe.

They can be opened manually or with an automatic operator and are fitted with high-quality locks to ensure they cannot be forced open. They can also be fitted with sensors to detect movement and activate the alarm system if it is tampered with. There are a variety of finishes and colours to choose from that will match your existing décor, and they can be fitted with a choice of operating mechanisms including manual, remote, or electric motor drive.

The price of a roller shutter depends on the size, material, installation requirements, and optional features such as insulation or automation. For example, a large industrial roller shutter will be more expensive than a smaller domestic shutter. The cost will also vary depending on whether you are installing an automatic or manual model. It is recommended to get a quote from an experienced installer to determine the exact costs of your new shutters.

An industrial roller shutter is a great investment for your business, as it can provide enhanced security, improved energy efficiency, and noise reduction. It is also designed to withstand South Africa’s harsh weather conditions, protecting your valuable assets from the elements. They are also a good deterrent against burglars, as they are difficult to break into and require a lot of effort to operate manually.

In addition to protecting your assets, an industrial shutter can help to reduce energy costs by preventing heat loss and keeping the interior of your premises warm and comfortable. This is especially important in commercial properties, where a comfortable temperature is essential for attracting customers and employees.

These doors are often installed in kitchens, shops, retail stores, hospitals & supermarkets, as well as industrial factories and warehouses. They are an excellent option for both commercial and residential applications as they are a cost-effective way to protect your home or business from thieves and vandals, while at the same time insulating your property.