How to Prepare for Your Green Card Marriage Interview

The green card marriage interview is the last big step in the process of obtaining your permanent residency in the United States. This interview, conducted by a USCIS officer or consular officer (if abroad) is designed to verify the legitimacy of your marriage and to ensure that you are not engaging in fraud. The interview can be one of the most intimidating and stressful parts of this entire immigration process, so it is important to prepare for it ahead of time.

During the interview, the officer will ask a series of questions about you and your spouse, your family, your relationship, your daily routines, and more. The officer will also examine the original copies of all of the documents submitted with the petition. If you are not properly prepared for the interview, it could lead to a delay or even a denial of your application.

To help you prepare for your green card marriage interview, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Be Honest – The Most Important Rule

If the officer suspects that your marriage is not bona fide or that you are engaged in fraudulent activities, she may get more detailed in her questions. She will likely probe more into your past, such as your employment history and previous immigration history. You should be honest with all of your answers, as lying under oath is a serious crime that can have major consequences for you and your spouse.

Dress Properly – The interview will take place in a US government building, so be sure to wear professional attire. This will set a positive tone for the interview, and will demonstrate that you are taking this matter seriously.

Bring a Complete Set of Documents – It is best to have all of your original documents organized in a chronological manner so that the officer can easily review them. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your appointment notice and any identification documents, such as a valid passport and a driver’s license.

Discuss Your Relationship with Your Spouse – It is not uncommon for the officers to question both of you about your relationship. They will want to see that you had a strong and legitimate bond before you decided to marry each other. It is important to talk to your spouse about the details of your marriage before your interview so that you can remember all of the important facts.

The questions in this article are based on the most common ones asked during green card marriage interviews. However, it is impossible to predict exactly what the officer will ask you and your spouse during the interview. The Boundless blog has a list of 55 sample marriage-based green card interview questions that you may be asked. If you are not sure what to expect, consult with an experienced immigration attorney. They can help you prepare for your interview and ease your worries.