Catamaran Hire Malta – Discover the Coast of Malta

Catamaran hire in Malta is the perfect way to discover the coast of this beautiful island. Whether you want to take a day trip to the nearby islands of Gozo, Ionian Islands or Sporades, or you’re looking for an extended tour, you can make the most of your vacation with Catamaran Hire Malta.

If you’re planning to visit Malta, you should consider booking your catamaran rental well in advance. The season for boating starts in April and runs through mid-October.

There are many different types of boats available, including motorboats and sailboats. For those who are a bit more adventurous, you can also rent a yacht, which will give you more space and privacy. However, these are generally more expensive than other types of boats.

A catamaran is one of the most stable types of vessels. Its double-hull structure makes it more stable than monohulls. In addition, it also provides more deck space and room for water toys. This type of vessel is ideal for larger groups.

If you’re planning to rent a catamaran in Malta, you have the option of hiring a skipper or going bareboat. With a skipper, you can take advantage of some of the best places on the island. You can also enjoy the experience of sailing between theĀ catamaran hire malta islands and enjoying the beautiful architecture along the coast.

Those who aren’t as experienced can opt for a bareboat charter, which can be cheaper if you’re willing to work with a skipper. Typically, a skipper costs an additional fee, but it can be included in the listing of your rental.

The price of a charter will depend on several factors, such as the duration of your trip and the number of people you plan to travel with. If you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll need to pay more for your boat, which will include the cost of the skipper.

The weather in Malta is pleasant throughout the year. Temperatures tend to be warm, with highs of 27degC in the summer and lows of 10degC in the winter. The average rainy season occurs in the autumn, while the rest of the year is dry. Although there are some peaks and valleys, the climate is usually a good one for tourists.

The most common activities in Malta are snorkeling and diving. These activities allow visitors to see the beautiful marine life and hidden caves. While snorkeling, you can also discover wrecks. Many divers choose to explore the waters of Comino, which is known for its dark blue luminescence. Similarly, Gozo offers the chance to see the Barracuda in the reef.

Another popular attraction in Malta is the Blue Grotto. It is located on the western side of the island. It is considered to be a place of divine beauty, as it has blue waters and grottos.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valletta is also an excellent place to go sightseeing. You can learn about the history of the city and the region through museum tours.