Use a Photo Booth Houston Rental

Photo Booths has become a popular way to photograph weddings, proms and corporate events all over the city of Houston. A wedding photo booth rental in Houston is your best choice for capturing all of the important moments in your special day. You’ll be able to set up the booth in record time and get many great shots of the people and decor that make your event truly special. Many of the larger companies in the Houston area rent their facilities out on a yearly basis and you can take advantage of this by saving money and getting better photos. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right Houston wedding photo booth rental for your special day:

photo booths in Houston

The first thing to consider about Houston is its vast array of venues. There are so many beautiful places in Houston to capture the perfect wedding photo. Some of the most popular locations are the Adolphus Outdoor Theater, Gulf Coast Park, the George R. Brown Convention Center, and the Nissan Center. All of these venues can provide the right type of photo booths with lighting that are powerful enough to light up the surrounding area and provide the professional touch needed for a truly great shot. If you plan on using the magic mirrors in Houston they are located just outside of the entrances to the venues listed above. This makes it easy for you to move back and forth and still see the entire venue.

Another popular photo booth option in Houston is the Zeagle Magic Mirror Photo Booth. It is located at the Gulf Coast Arena and is conveniently located just off the lanes of I-35E. The Zeagle Magic Mirror Photo Booth has a unique camera that can give you the professional look needed for truly amazing photo opportunities. They offer a large selection of backgrounds, but the most popular are black and white portraits. This creates a very dramatic look. The booths cost around $40 and you can either pay per person or a package deal that includes an introduction and photo to go with it.

Photo Booths is also available in the Texas Medical Center in Downtown Houston. If you have a special event in the works such as a baby shower, then the photo booths in Houston are perfect for showing a couple standing next to each other. These photo booths are also available at the George R. Brown Convention Center and inside the Nissan Stadium. If you need a little bit more of a professional look then you may want to visit the Six Flags Over Texas in Downtown Houston. You will find many different photo booths in the area for your convenience.

Wedding photo booths in Houston come in all shapes and sizes. You can find an indoor model or an outdoor model to fit your needs and budget. For larger events you may want to consider the indoor models as they can provide a more controlled environment while providing you with a picture perfect angle. You can also choose a wedding photo booth rental in Houston if you have an event coming up on a specific date and cannot find a location that will work.

Many of the photo booths in Houston also offer editing services to make your photos extra special. This can be done using various photo correction software that is offered by the photo booth rental company. You can get professional results if you hire someone to do this for you but often times it is cheaper just to pay for the software and do it yourself. Another great service that is provided by some photo booths in Houston is that they offer technical support throughout the event. If you have any questions or concerns then most companies can come back to your office or party and have you address the problem.